10. května 2009 v 18:24 |  Biography
It could have been just a dream back then but on the 14th of December 1988, a star was born. Greg and Gina Hudgens named the their first child Vanessa Anne, which 16 years after will be the name everyone will be saying around the world. Sister to Stella Hudgens, Vanessa was born in Salinas Californa - a true "Cali Girl" but is also of half-and-half nationality. She's half Irish-Native American from her dad and half Filipina from her mom who was from Cebu but also has Spanish and Chinese blood flowing through her veins.
Since eighth grade, Vanessa's mom started home schooling her and her sister as they kept moving around the country and later settled in California. Although she claims to not have experienced the high school drama, Mrs. Hudgens surely did not lack giving knowledge. Little did she know, later in her life, Vanessa will be experiencing the high school life she missed in reality.

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